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SiNergy SL Ltd. is an energy solutions provider focused on the design procurement installation and support of PV solar energy and battery backup solutions in Sierra Leone. As a locally developed entity we have over the years understood our environment and the specific requirements needed in deploying successful PV solutions. Our products and services:

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In addition to our solutions SiNergy SL Ltd. is an importer wholesaler and distributor of PV system components. We have a firm grip on the logistical challenges of deploying systems within the local terrain and provide Our locally available products include:

Tier 1 PV solar panels
Off Grid/Hybrid Inverters
Charge Controllers
PV Mounting Structures
Solar Street Lights
Deep Cycle Gel/AGM Batteries
Lithium ion Batteries
DC circuit protection devices
DC wiring and cabling systems
Water Heater
Energy Audit


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Sinergy realizes the need for strong partnership in implementing PV based solutions as a result we work with strategic international partners in delivering EPC solutions that meet global standards. This is so that we can provide leading technological solutions within the industry as well as ensure the quality of our products from leading manufacturers at competitive prices. We also act as subcontractors in deploying total solutions on behalf of client partners including the logistics of managing the importation and transportation for deployment in challenging local terrains.


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